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Equipment - GENTLEray 980 – an innovative, air-cooled diode laser.
Gentleray980 It eliminates hypersensitivity arising from filling a tooth, endodontic therapy, tooth extraction or many other surgical treatments. It is used in curing painful changes on mucous membrane, canker sore, cold sore, cervical sensitivity. Its anti-inflammatory functioning is used to sooth painful wisdom tooth cutting (odontiasis). It also helps to reduce purulent inflammatory lesions in the whole oral cavity. This laser is irreplaceable in curing diseases of periodontium as paradontosis.
The advantage of laser usage is short time of therapy, non-invasive and simple method of treatment along with quick effects, often visible after the first session.

Recommendation for using laser treatment:

  • abscesses
  • glands
  • canker sores
  • biopsy
  • whitening (teeth resistant to whitening)
  • desensitization
  • drainage
  • pulp removal (during root canal therapy)
  • canal sterilization
  • fibromas
  • labial frenectomy
  • lingual frenectomy
  • gingivectomy
  • gingivoplasty
  • vestibuloplasty
  • angiomas
  • fever blister
  • overgrowths
  • implant uncovery
  • lichen
  • mycosis
  • papillomas
  • freezing
  • and many more.

The dentist chooses treatments according to the individual situation of a patient.