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Terms and conditions of guarantee
The treatment carried out in our clinics is covered with 1-year guarantee on dental services with the scope of conservative dentistry and endodontics.

The terms and conditions of the guarantee:

  • carrying out full oral cavity disinfection every 6 months,
  • a follow up (control) visit every 6 months,
  • maintaining proper oral cavity hygiene,

If a tooth needs root canal treatment during one month from its filling, a patient will pay only for root canal treatment.

As one of the few, we give 1-year guarantee on prothetic services carried out in our dental surgeries.

The guarantee does not cover:

  • temporary and provisional treatments (temporary crowns, dentures),
  • treatment carried out on the patient’s demand, while a doctor advises other one - more beneficial for a patient,
  • damages which are a result of treating only some of the cavities,
  • damages which are a result of a mechanic injuries and natural bone atrophy.

In addition to that, we give 10-year guarantee on implants of Nobel Biocare company implemented in our clinics and lifelong guarantee on Astra Tech implants in accordance with the terms and conditions of guarantee available in the company’s headquarters.